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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Get Active: Jingle all the Way

Friday 3rd August 2018

This activity is certainly a challenge, but its also a lot of fun to take part in and to watch – a great game for your Christmas party!

You will need to collect some empty tissue boxes and 12 ‘Jingle Bells’ for each box. You could just go for one box and one player at a time or have enough for multiple players. Take empty tissue boxes and fill them each with an equal number of jingle bells (12 suggested). You could make it more festive by wrapping the tissue box in Christmas paper first. Take out the flimsy plastic covering that makes the slit in order to allow the bells to come out faster. Attach the tissue box to a rope/belt so it can then go around someone’s waist. They must shake, jump, and move around to get their jingle bells out. You could time everyone individually, base it on Minute to Win it (see video youtu.be/F_v2D_iX5Ic) and set a 60 second limit or get players going head to head against each other. Depending on how you do it you could announce the winner based on who had gotten the most out.

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