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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Get Active: Football Darts

Thursday 23rd May 2019


  • Football
  • Chalk


In preparation a Leader will need to mark some lines on a wall with chalk (or alternative means) to create a goal (i.e. crossbar and two posts) unless you already have a goal area marked. So, with your goal posts marked out now add a square on the wall in the middle of your goal. Each element should now be allocated some points, for example post 2 points, crossbar 3 points, middle square 5 points, anywhere else within goal 1 point.


Explain to the group that each part of the goal has a different number of points allocated to it, let them know what points will be given for each part. Players start on 11 points and have to get to 0. Simply in turn each player has a shot at the goal and based on where the ball touches the goal (wall) they deduct those points from their starting 11. Players have to finish exactly, so if they are on 3 points and they hit the middle square which has a value of 5 points that wouldn’t count and they would remain on 3 points. You could make the game more difficult by stating they have to finish by hitting a certain part of the goal or have to have hit the crossbar at least once.

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