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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Challenge: Gutter Line

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Try out this great problem-solving and teamwork challenge!


  • Several lengths of plastic gutter or pipe
  • Several balls (or a container with water)


This energiser activity involves different sized balls (or even water) moving down different lengths of gutter/pipe from the start to a designated end point which is marked clearly. Each participant only has one short length of gutter/pipe each, making good communication and teamwork essential!

The start and finish points can be separated by an obstacle course and you could also add in certain rules, such as every member of the team has to carry the ball twice, and so on.

Give each participant a piece of pipe and give them a few minutes to prepare. The time starts as soon as the first ball is set off. It’s a good idea to give the group a few practice attempts.

Top Tip!

You could challenge another group to film the challenge attempt and make a movie out of it! Email your photos and videos to gazette@boys-brigade.org.uk and we will feature the best ones!

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