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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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60 Years of supporting the leaders of tomorrow

Thursday 20th August 2015

“The KGVI experience is one that will live with me forever” and “The best thing I’ve done in the Brigade” are just two of the reactions when asked about the KGVI Youth Leadership course. Two one-week residentials with a year working in a Company in between offers an experience like no other, where young people can gain skills, make life-long friendships and develop their faith.

2015 marks 60 years since 36 young people from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic came together at Carronvale House for the first ever course between the 9th and 16th July 1955. A month or so later on the 27th August 1955, over 50 young people gathered at Felden Lodge for its first ever KGVI experience. In both instances, the applications far exceeded the number of places available.

So much has changed in the last 60 years with new methods and approaches, but today’s structure and aims of KGVI look very much like how they did in the summer of 1955. Given the restraints on capacity, both then and now, only a small number are able to participate each year. As we celebrate this milestone, The Gazette chats with five recent (and fairly recent!) graduates of The Boys’ Brigade’s Youth Leadership course.

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  1. Diana says:

    YES IT IS! Randomly my family and I were viiinstg where my grandparents grew up in the Cumberland gap (or near there, I can’t be sure) and we saw a little sign that said ‘P-38 restoration’. We went in and there it was, Glacier Girl. It was so cool because my dad used to read me the National Geographic article like a bed-time story and there it was, right in front of my eyes! The coolest part of the restoration was the fact that there was still 1940s air in the tires! I’m fairly certain that it is now in flying condition, and it was the only one of the squadron that was recovered. Other P-38s and B-17s were apart but did not survive.

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