The BIG Footprint

Date: Saturday 20th April

All Generations Walking Together 

Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Rt Rev Susan Brown has come up with a special event for organisations, churches, communities and people of all ages to be walking, talking and sharing together.  We have been working alongside the Guild, CoS Youth team and Girls’ Brigade Scotland to run the ‘Big Footprint’ event on April 20th (Easter Saturday).  This aim of this event is that it will bring different generations and the wider community together.  There will be four hub events (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen) but why organise your own?

Further information


A resource that could be used for your Big Footprint walk are the Walking Together Cards.  

These are for a group of different ages to use together to help reflect and share as you walk.

Download the Walking Together Cards

Download the Walking Together Leaders Cards

Alternatively, you can order ones to be sent out by contacting BB Scottish HQ - | 01324 562008 (option 1)