10 Clues

Sunday 2nd August 2020

An activity where you give clues to an item, country etc. The clues start off vague and get more obvious as you give each one. Can anyone guess what/who it is before clue 10?

Example > David Attenborough. Clue 1 – A male. Clue 2 – Over 70. Clue 3 – Is British. Clue 4 – He has the same first name as a former PM. Clue 5 – Often seen on BBC. Clue 6 – Was born in 1926. Clue 7 – His voice is just as famous as he is. Clue 8 – He is the same age as the Queen. Clue 9 – He is often found amongst wildlife. Clue 10 – Narrator of Blue Planet/Planet Earth.

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