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Wink Murder

Tuesday 1st September 2020

Get Active: Wink Murder

Age Group: Juniors

Time: 15 Minutes

Preparation Needed: Ready to Go

What You’ll Need:

  • No Equipment

Getting into the Activity:

Children should stand in a circle, well spaced out and following social distancing where required. A wide circle is recommended.

One child should be nominated to be the detective and asked to stand in the corner of the room facing away from the group so they cannot see. Whilst this happens, a leader should point to someone in the circle. That person is the murderer. The detective can now return to the group and stand in the middle of the circle.

The murderer’s job is to discreetly wink at people. When children are winked out they must act out a dramatic death and then sit on the floor. The detective’s job is to spin around, trying to spot the murderer and catch them out. The detective has 2 or 3 guesses (depending on the size of the group) to identify the murderer.

After each round change the detective and the murderer, trying to give everyone a chance to play both roles.


Keeping Everyone Safe

Where required, please ensure social distancing throughout the game. A wide circle is recommended to help with this.

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