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Tuesday 1st September 2020

Get Active: Statues

Age Group: Anchors

Time: 10 Minutes

Preparation Needed: Ready to Go

What You’ll Need:

  • Music

Getting into the Activity:

A twist on the classic game of musical statues. This game encourages children to be creative in order to fit the selected category.

Ask each child to find a space in the room. Where required, ensure social distancing by asking each child to hold their arms out wide and make sure they can’t touch anyone else. This is their playing space and they don’t need to leave it.

Play some music for children to dance to. Randomly stop the music and call out a category (ie. Sports, animal, emotion etc). Children have 5 seconds to form a statue that fits the category. Each child is given one point if they can form a statue that fits the category in those 5 seconds. To reward creativity, you could award a second point if a leader can guess what statue they have created.

Continue playing, with different categories for each round. The child with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Categories could include, sports, animals, emotions, alphabet letters, numbers, transport, monsters etc.


Keeping Everyone Safe

Maintain social distancing where required. Music should be kept to a low level, so children and leaders don’t need to shout over it.

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