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On the Spot Relay

Tuesday 1st September 2020

Get Active: On The Spot Relay

Age Group: Juniors

Time: 15 Minutes

Preparation Needed: Ready to Go

What You’ll Need:

  • Cones (Optional)

Getting into the Activity:

A twist on a classic relay race, adapted to help with social distancing.

Split the group into teams of roughly 5-6 in a team. Position the teams in straight lines down the meeting space. Where required ensure the gaps between individuals are socially distanced.

For each round an action should be called out by a leader (i.e 10 star jumps). On go, the first person in the line should complete that action, before the second person can start. This continues all the way down the line until the last person has completed the action. Once this has happened, all team members should sit down to indicate they have finished the race. The first team to complete the actions should receive a point.

Make the game more complicated by adding harder actions or by adding multiple actions in a race. Where using multiple actions, all team members should have completed the first action before the team can start the second then third action and so on. So for example if the round was 10 star jumps, 10 spin jumps and 10 floss dance moves, then all players should have completed the star jumps individually, before the first person in the line can then start the spin jumps.


Keeping Everyone Safe

Please ensure social distancing where required. To aid with this, markers or hoops could be placed on the floor for the children to play by / in.

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