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Tuesday 1st September 2020

Get Active: Foot-Boule

Age Group: Company / Seniors

Time: 15 Minutes

Preparation Needed: In the Cupboard

What You’ll Need:

  • Tennis Ball
  • Multiple Footballs
  • Cones

Getting into the Activity:

A game which combines a game of boules with football. Great for practising passing accuracy.

Place a cone at one end of the room. This marks the start / kicking line. This game can be played individually or as teams.

Nominate one person to start the game. They should gently kick the tennis ball towards the end of the meeting space. This becomes the target ball and is the ball which all players should now be aiming for. One at a time, players should take it in turns to gently kick their ball towards the tennis ball. The ball closest to the tennis ball at the end is the winner.

Players are able to kick their football into other player’s footballs to knock them out of the way or play tactically. If you have enough footballs, give each player / team multiple footballs to allow them to play tactically.

Scoring can be individual or teams. Points could be awarded just for the closest ball, or alternatively for the closest two or three balls to the tennis ball.

Play multiple rounds with different players having a chance to start with the tennis ball.


Keeping Everyone Safe

Maintain social distancing where required. Traditional boules could be played (bowling the ball rather than kicking it), however this would require all players to wash their hands beforehand and ideally have a ball(s) which only they touch throughout the game.

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