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Defend the Skittle

Tuesday 1st September 2020

Get Active: Defend the Skittle

Age Group: Juniors

Time: 15 Minutes

Preparation Needed: In the Cupboard

What You’ll Need:

  • 6 Skittles or Water Bottles
  • Balls
  • Cones

Getting into the Activity:

A game which encourages children to think about both defending their base whilst attacking the opposite team’s.

Set up the game by placing three skittles (or water bottles) at both ends of the room. In the middle of the room place a line of cones to mark each team’s playing area. Both playing areas should have 2 or 3 balls inside. Split the group into two even teams and sit them (socially distanced where required) at either end of the room. Give each child a number (Teams should have someone with a matching number on the opposite team).

Start the game by calling out one of the numbers. The player from each team with that number is in play. Their job is to kick the balls back and forth trying to knock down the skittles of their opposition, whilst at the same time defending their skittles. Both players have 60 seconds to try and score as many points as possible. One point is awarded for each skittle knocked down. If a player can knock down all three skittles within the time limit then they should be awarded 5 points.

After the 60 seconds, reset the game and call out a new number.

Where space allows, you could have two players playing each round. To do this, you’ll need to split each team’s playing area in two to ensure social distancing is maintained where required.  Make the game more difficult by introducing more balls or more skittles.


Keeping Everyone Safe

Maintain social distancing where required. This game could be played as a throwing game, however this would require children to wash their hands before the game and for the balls to be wiped clean between each round.

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