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Animal Races

Tuesday 1st September 2020

Get Active: Animal Races

Age Group: Anchors

Time: 10 Minutes

Preparation Needed: Ready to Go

What You’ll Need:

  • Cones / Markers

Getting into the Activity:

Split the group into teams of roughly 4-6. Each team will need to sit at one end of the room (socially distanced where required) behind a cone. Another cone at the far end of the room should be placed for each team. The cones mark the start and finish lines for each team.

One at a time, each child should race from the start cone to the finish line. For each round an animal should be selected. Children, when racing, will need to act out the animal for that round (dog, lion, monkey etc). The winning team is not the first team to get all their players to the end, but instead the team with the best animal actions and movements for each round. Its not a race of speed, but instead of creativity.

Animals could include lion, elephant, giraffe, monkey, dog, rabbit, snake, bird, ant and so on.


Keeping Everyone Safe

To help with social distancing for this game, split the group into two teams. Children should wait for their turn in a spaced out line along each side of the room, with the front of the line being at the start cone and the end of the line by the finish cone.

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