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Ultimate Challenge Plus

Tuesday 9th August 2016

Participants were from around the country: from Kirkwall and Thurso in the North East, to Leeds in the South and Granshaw in the West (and over the water a wee bit…). It’s great to see so many Companies taking part from all Regions of the Brigade.

The final placings for this session are:

1st Place; 37 points: Harry Mulligan (1st Granshaw)
2nd Place; 35 points: Joshua Addis and Ethan Kee (both 1st Granshaw); and Ben Khullar (9th Leeds)
5th Place; 34 points: Joseph Campbell (1st Buckie)

As the results indicate, it was a very tight competition in the end. Well done to those who were placed, and everyone else who participated. The 1st Granshaw guys clearly benefitted from their Masterteam exploits – reaching the Irish semi-final – as both Harry and Ethan relying on 13 points out of 15 in the three mental challenges!

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