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President’s Commendation

Tuesday 9th May 2017

The President’s Commendation has recently been awarded to:

Matthew McConville – 1st Moy Company in Northern Ireland

On the 1st April 2017, David Blevins, Brigade Vice President, presented Matthew McConville with his President’s Commendation. Matthew joined the 1st Moy Company at the age of 4 years old, which was a big step for him and his parents, due to Matthew having a condition called Ataxia. Ataxia is a disease that affects co-ordination, balance and speech. Matthew has shown great determination and courage throughout his time in the Company, having now been a faithful member for 14 years, and this year achieved his Queen’s Badge at the age of 18. His positive, cheerful attitude and enthusiasm is an inspiration to all that know him and the Brigade is proud to have him as a member.

President’s Commendation

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