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Investing In Our Future

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Youth United Funding

The Youth United network has successfully secured £5 million investment from the Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport. The Uniformed Youth Fund aims to provide further opportunities to reach vulnerable young people whilst also increasing the opportunities for volunteers to expand and enhance their existing skills resulting in an expansion of the overall offering.

Two grants have been secured by The Boys’ Brigade; one which will support organisational infrastructure including, enhancing volunteering capacity, improving systems and processes; the second grant will allow us to pilot initiatives to strengthen our work and look at specific ways of working, one such example being working with young people with additional needs. Both grants have a short timescale for delivery and were pitched at a level that would be deliverable within the timescale and not to the determent of existing work.

Although this funding has been awarded for targeted work specifically within England, the benefits will impact the wider organisation, particularly in the areas of programme development, recruitment, training and Online Brigade Manager.

Thanks to this funding, Leaders will see the following work being undertaken:

  • Significant development to OBM
  • Design, production and delivery of the Under 11’s ProgrammeDesign, production and delivery of the refreshed Youth Leadership Training material along with skills training for our BTO network
  • Pilot with new Companies specialising in working with marginalised young people
  • Refreshing our recruitment resources and providing more digital media
  • Providing Additional Needs training opportunities for Leaders
  • Internal Research with members and their parents/ carers as well as external research with young people and their parents/carers.

Keep up to date with developments over the next few months through the e-BB News.

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