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Happy to see him Happy – A random act of kindness in Polegate

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Inspired through the Juniors 100 Challenges, Junior Section members of the 1st Polegate Company were encouraged to go and carryout a random act of kindness. One of those members shares what he did in response to this challenge.

“Yesterday I went to my Boys’ Brigade and I was given two bag of sweets from my leaders Sue and Diane. I was told to give them to someone who wouldn’t have much this Christmas. When I got home I asked my mum if I could give them to a homeless person. This morning I went into town with my mum and we saw a man, wrapped up in a sleeping bag at the entrance of the train station. I went up to him with my mum and we both said “good morning”. I gave him the bag of sweets and I said “merry Christmas” and he said “God bless you” and “Thank you”. He seemed very grateful for his gift. I would like to do it again someday as it made me happy to see him happy.” - Dexter

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