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Get Creative: Recycled CD Clocks

Friday 17th February 2017


  • Old CD/DVD’s
  • Clock mechanism
  • Permanent/Glass Pens or Printable CD Labels (to affix)


Organise a collection of old CD/DVD’s, you could perhaps ask church members to bring in unwanted discs. Order the clock movement/mechanism from an online source such as (as low as £1 per clock).


Each child simply needs to select a CD/DVD from the collection you have gathered together and can choose to perhaps go with an original front or use the reverse (shiny silver side) to create their own design. Once the design is complete then attach the clock movement/mechanism. As an additional you can purchase a plastic stand so that clock can stand on its own on a shelf or other space, alternatively the clock movement/mechanism usually has something to enable the clock to be hung on the wall.

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