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Get into the Bible: The Greatest Showman

Thursday 23rd May 2019

Download the movie or find access to it online and play the clip from 00:53:45 – 01:00:10. The clip focuses on Phineas premiering his new show to great acclaim. At the reception Barnum takes the opportunity to gloat about his success to his father-in-law and begins to forget why he originally wanted to set up the stage show.


Are there people in our society who need a ‘This is me’ moment of recognition? Who are they and why do you think society often overlooks them?

Read together Matthew 9:35-38

Based upon this passage, can you come up with five things Christians should be doing?

Is this a realistic expectation of how Christians should behave?

How would our local area change if some of these actions were put into practice?

What do you think verse 37 means?

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