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Free CRED Resources for collection at NIHQ Newport

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Preparing to Be Incredible is designed to help Leaders explore a wide variety of themes around inclusion such as sectarianism, disability awareness, mental health, racism, equality and LGBT with young people in the over 11s age group. These are all issues that a group of young people from each of the 6 main uniformed youth organisations in NI identified as relevant to them.

InCREDibly it’s Child’s Play is for leaders working with the under 11s age group and has activities to help explore the issues of community relations, equality and diversity through play.

Let’s Talk is a spiral bound A6 book of pictures paired with common phrases you might use whilst working with children and young people, translated in six languages: English, Arabic, Polish, Chinese, Irish and Ulster Scots. This is a joint initiative with the main uniformed organisations and made possible with funding from the Education Authority. We hope this helps Leaders in situations where they are communicating with children and young people whose first language is not English. We all want to include children and young people of all backgrounds and abilities in our youth work and make their experience a positive one where they feel welcome and involved.

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