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Company Section Scripture Course 17/18 ‘Lessons from the Lesser Known’

Tuesday 14th November 2017

The Bible is filled with wonderful accounts of great men and women used by God.  Some were great leaders, some were great Kings, or great prophets, or great people. Many of these people we know by name: from the Old Testament – Adam, Noah, Abraham and Isaac, Joseph, Moses, David, and many more. From the New Testament – Jesus’ work and ministry; Peter, Paul, James and John, Timothy and others. This booklet of lessons is about people in the Bible who are not so well known, hence the title: ‘Lessons from the Lesser Known’.

There are some people who appear only once or twice by name in scripture, yet they are important in what they can teach us. It is also good for us all to remember that you do not need to be a big name, a great person or famous to make a difference or have an impact upon others. As you study these ‘Lesser Known’ characters take time to think about the person and the situation; what lesson or lessons we can learn from these people that can be applied in our daily lives and situations.

We express our thanks to the Christian Education and Church Relations Committee for producing this course and in particular the contributors: Rev Scott Woodburn, Rev Peter Fleming and Rev Alistair Beattie. To order please phone NIHQ or find the order form at

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